Our aim is to revive the genre of art portraiture.
Have yourself portrayed in a variety of styles.
Just pick an artist, and leave the rest to us.

"It is well and good to paint a portrait, frock buttons and all.
But beware! There comes a time when the buttons start to jump in your face."

"What do you do when you love somebody? Mr.. K. replies, that he makes "himself a picture of that person and then makes sure they resemble each other."

"When I did my self-portrait, I left all the pimples out because you always should. Pimples are a temporary condition and they don`t have anything to do with what you really look like. Always omit the blemishes- they`re not part of good picture you want."
Andy Warhol

" There should be a variety of facial expressions,
depending on the disposition of the figure."
L. da Vinci